Skin Care Review: Absolution’s “Le Soin Purifiant”

By definition, “absolution” means a formal release from guilt, obligation or punishment.

Use French skin care line Absolution’s “Le Soin Purifiant” (deep cleansing face mask), and you’ll formally release your pores from dirt, grease, etc. I don’t normally review beauty products, but this mask works divinely, and therefore deserves some attention!

image2 (1)

Purifies, tightens pores, highlights

mate, clay, birch sap

99.28% natural origin

62.53% bio/organic

50 ml/1.69 Fl. Oz

Local Austin boutique By George on South Congress began carrying the skin care line this December. The best way to familiarize yourself with new brands is to test their products on yourself, so I put its face mask to work. At first, the gray, cement-like texture alarmed me. Was I actually applying cement to my face that would never wash away? No, it was just clay. Soft, rich, creamy, organic clay.

What I love about Absolution is its dedication to organic ingredients. With my dry and sensitive skin, I shy away from masks,`exfoliators and most facial products, for that matter. Nonetheless, this face mask boasting clay and birch sap left my face with a sizzling feeling. Not the negative burning-under-the-sun-in-July sizzle – no, no – more like a merry group of fairies gently mining your pores to exterminate dirt while revealing a fresher, brighter you. My pores tightened and lost their gritty finish. Imagine a luxury spa-grade facial with a $40 price tag you can use time and time again. I give “Le Soin Purifiant” 5 stars.

No, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just fell in love with Absolution’s product, and can’t wait to try more. I’ve applied the eye contour booster, “Le Soin Regard,” yesterday evening before bed, and woke up with puffy-less eyes. I’ll try it some more and keep you updated!

In the meantime, check out their skincare line at

If you’ve tried any Absolution products, leave a comment detailing your experience!


Jonathan Ochart

Why the media should flood us with Ebola-related news

Good afternoon, readers,

I decided to write this post after listening to NPR a week ago, when a caller said the media is hyping the Ebola crisis. The media shouldn’t release so many Ebola-related stories, because infection in the U.S. is practically nonexistent, according to the listener. I found his reasoning irrelevant.

Every morning, I peruse the New York Times online and sift through the latest news. Stories detailing the Ebola crisis constantly strike me – as if I actively searched for them – and I become frightened a little more each day. If you visit an online newspaper now, you’ll likely come across a red panel reading “BREAKING NEWS” (yes, in bold). Stories reveal the nurse who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who died from Ebola in Dallas after contact with an infected woman in Liberia, has contracted the virus herself in Dallas.

To my and the world’s dismay, the virus continues spreading – and Dallas and Austin (where I reside) are practically neighbors.

The Ebola virusunder the microscope

The Ebola virus under the microscope

Working retail in a store located within a popular tourist destination means I come into contact with people from around the world. Yes, several customers hail from Dallas, others from Australia, some from Europe and also Africa, where Ebola spreads rampantly.

Rather than dramatizing the situation, let’s make sure to heed the World Health Organization’s warnings and follow necessary precautions to prevent further infections. I know I’ll make sure to wash my hands several times a day, especially before eating, and try to minimize handshaking, hugging, sharing water glasses, etc. For more information, I suggest reading the WHO’s webpage regarding Ebola here.

With news breaking that Duncan’s nurse now bears the virus, it seems perfectly reasonable that the media continue updating us with these news, contrary to the NPR listener’s perspective. Ebola is a legitimate disease that no human being is immune to – including Americans. It only takes one person to commence an outbreak, so please, be careful and keep yourselves informed.



Destination: Blue Galaxy

Destination: Blue Galaxy


 Imagination, creativity and the urge to compose ebb and flow in my mind. Recall the last time I posted? No, neither do I (without looking at my blog’s home page…hint: it involves shoes – shocker!). For some reason, the writing bug bit me hard and here I am, sitting at Starbucks (predictable Jonathan move) sipping an iced coffee.

While navigating through the World Wide Web, I stumbled upon an advertisement for Paige jeans. At Nordstrom, I frequently found myself hanging a pair of Paige denim in customers’ dressing rooms. Trusty white jeans that flatter the figure prove difficult to find, but Paige’s Verdugo style (a classic midrise skinny silhouette) always did the trick. However, it looks like the line created by one of the world’s leading fit models, Paige Adams-Geller, reinvented the style with a ’70s-esque flair leaving me starry-eyed.

How so? Just look at these jeans. They scream with Barbarella/ABBA/ Xanadu tones. Crafters add Italian foil to black denim, then distress the midrise jean to create a stunning look. Wear these out to your favorite location and everyone’s eyes will be set on you – whether it’s the person at your side, or galaxies away. Check out the style on Paige’s website, here.

I give this piece 5 stars, and hopefully I’ll spot someone rocking them soon. What do you think of this look? Does it leave you excited, or cosmically distressed?

‘Til next time, fellow earthlings!

Paige Denim mid-rise jeans
$530 –

Nail care