The Joke’s on You!

Close your eyes, and envision the kindergarten days. Remember when you were playing hide-and-seek during recess, and that dirty, bothersome kid would yell “your shoes are untied, your shoes are untied” to the entire playground? And when you looked down, he screamed “MADE YA LOOK!” excitedly…guffawing away as if he won that week’s “No Homework” pass…

When it comes to owning April Fool’s Day, originality is key – a notion those playground pranksters never grasped. Transform the expected into the ironic, and the ironic into the expected. Confused yet?


Yes, April 1st is the trickster’s favorite holiday – who doesn’t look forward to dusting off whoopee cushions and false mustaches with pride? Sure, hoaxes are fun and all, but donning these insane pieces by Moschino and Charlotte Olympia add more brilliance to your April Fool’s Day gimmick. Be prepared for tons of stares, gasps and awes.
Cloak your phone in a Moschino teddy bear case. Wear Charlotte Olympia wedges spiked with cacti. These two designers champion eclectic and unexpected creations that add a little “pop” to any look.

Throw your friends, family, coworkers (and most importantly, passerby) for a loop by combining these pieces. Tacky? Yes. But the fact that you could care less grants you total comedic cred. Who knows, you may end up as the next big style blogger (;

Happy hoaxing!

Jonathan Ochart

A Case of the Fundays

Waking up without pressing “snooze” Monday mornings proves to be quite the difficult task. When you finally lift yourself from your bed’s comfortable caress, find solace in today’s ensemble. Whether you’re spending the day in the office or running errands around town, opt for a simple look focused on highlighting your silhouette in all the right parts. You’ll be grinning all day!


Frame denim’s “Le Skinny de Jeanne” provides just enough stretch for optimum performance on the subway or bicycle – without stretching out. Minor distressing provides some texture and much-needed edge. A loose cream sweater elevates your denim, without sacrificing your freedom. Throw on a pair of Isabel Marant’s suede Dicker boots to gain some height and effortless style. Don’t forget a fringed Proenza Schouler handbag (I’m obsessed with the gray leather – check out the suede versions, too) to bring each piece together.

All that’s left? A venti iced coffee from Starbucks, of course. Now that sounds like a good case of the Mondays.

Style you soon,


A Vibrant Miami Kiss


Spring has officially sprung – so add a little spring in your step with colorful hues reminiscent of seasons past. Tangerine tango (remember that popular Pantone shade from a few years ago?) adds a stellar pop to your lips and accessories. Céline and snakeskin, anyone? Phoebe Philo’s colorblocked clutch takes you from brunch beauty to snappy cocktail hour connoisseur.

Throw on your trusty gold watch (such as Versace’s piece with a sweet, lavender face) and slip on a vibrant heel and you’re good to go. Soon flowers will begin to bloom, and you don’t want them stealing your thunder. So go tropical, go bright. Live a little, like you own Miami beach. It’ll be winter again before you know it!

Style you soon,