Jimmy Choo, I love you

Good afternoon, fashion friends,
Yes, frost may be blanketing the green grass of yesteryear, but with dead grass comes new grass. What does this mean? I don’t really know as I haven’t had my coffee yet…but, let’s just say, it’s time to get rid of the old and bring in something new to your style. Corny, yes, but extremely effective.What’s a good place to start? Your shoes, of course! They are the foundation of any look, so might as well invest in some sophisticated styles in fun shades.¬†Colorful updates to the classic “Abel” pump in far-out colors make the classic style fun and flirty this spring. As for the “Dame”, the flame-hued caged leather bootie can elevate a simple black dress into a wonderland of beautiful fury. These pumps perfect spring and summer looks swiftly and easily!¬†NOTE: The caged bootie is a shoe trend that you should embrace! It will release you from style prison.

Jimmy Choo, I love you

Jimmy Choo sandals

Jimmy Choo pink pumps
Like what you see? Contact me and I can order you a pump that catches your eye and complements your look!’Til next time,
Jonathan Ochart
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One thought on “Jimmy Choo, I love you

  1. I love the caged bootie! It gives you some more stability around the ankles and it makes sure your shoe won’t fall off. Believe me, these are important concerns! I will try them- as soon as I have money. Ah well, I’ll get some knock offs this year and buy the real thing when I become magically wealthy next year. It could happen :)

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